Welcome to QuonTek!
QuonTek (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese members of IEC International Electronic Standards Committee. With 15 years of research and development in the RF&MW industry, QuonTek devotes itself to the R&D, manufacturing and saling of connectors, adapters and test cables of high frequency, low intermodulation (Low-PIM), and highdemand custom types . It is committed to the creation, innovation and improvement of RF&MW industry. Our products are widely used in base stations, aerospace, aviation, military weapons and equipment,medical equipment, testing equipment and other fields.
QuonTek Product Positions:
High frequency connectors and adapters designing and manufacturing, from DC18GHz-110GHz. Low PIM connectors and adapters designing and manufacturing,  PIM <-165dBc. Precision cable assemblies designing and manufacturing, low pim, high performance, low loss, phase compensated, etc. High quality components, devices and equipments distributing from global partners. Customized solutions offering.
Support & Policy:
Do you have questions about specific RF products or product applications?  Do you want to know if we can build a special coaxial cable assembly specific to your requirements?  Do you have a unique RF technical problem that you're trying to solve?
No problem. We can help! Quontek offers customers FREE expert RF Technical Support from highly skilled in-house engineering staff. Our RF engineers have decades of experience and are here to help answer all of your RF/Microwave-related questions. Whether you're looking for additional product data, having trouble locating your parts online or in our catalog, curious as to how to use a particular product, or need to build a custom assembly and not sure how, Quontek's Technical Support staff can assist you - no matter what!
Contact Quontek's RF and Microwave Technical Support Team:
International Calls: +86-186-0686-2711
Email:[email protected]