QMA type Connectors


QUONTEK QMA coaxial connectors are according to IEC61169-50 standard and available with 50 impedance. The frequency range extends to 18 GHz, depending on the connector and cable type. However most of the QMA connectors are return loss optimised for frequencies up to 6 GHz. The interface is based on the SMA dimension but instead of a threaded coupling mechanism a new snap-lock mechanism is used.


The QMA interface has a very similar performance to the SMA, but in addition it offers an easier, faster and safer coupling operation, helping customers to save significantly time during production. The packaging density of QMA is increased compared to SMA connectors thanks to the fact that

no torque spanner is required to fasten the coupling nut.

QMA is not intermateable with SMA.



Easy to mate

10 times faster than with threaded SMA

Increased reliability

No torque or tooling required

360°rotatable interface

Easy routing of cable assembly without mechanical stress or electrical performance degradation

Higher packing density

Size equivalent to SMA, but space saving as there is no need for wrench clearance

Excellent electrical performance

Consistent VSWR performance enables to replace standard SMA

Return loss optimised DC to 6 GHz

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